Tuition and Fees

Starting Summer 2021, Lede has transitioned from being a University program to being a professional program. This means that unlike in previous years, Lede tuition will now be a flat rate, with no additional University fees or insurance requirements.

Due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, tuition for the 2022 Lede Program will be offered at a reduced rate of $9,500.

Scholarship Aid

Columbia Journalism School offers need- and merit-based aid to students in the Lede Program. To apply, please submit the Scholarship Aid application along with your application for admission.This application is available from the same application portal as the admissions application.

Alternative funding sources

Beyond aid offered by the Journlaism School, we strongly recommending exploring educational funding from journalism-related grant-giving foundations. For students outside of the United States, there may also be grants offered by organizations affiliated with your home country's government.