About the Lede Program

Data, code and algorithms are becoming central to research and creative work – transforming industries, reshaping lives and setting new parameters for responsible citizenship. In this data-driven world, Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism has launched an intensive, post-bac certification program designed to equip journalists and storytellers of all kinds with the computational skills needed to turn data into narrative. The program assumes no prior experience in programming or data analysis.


Lede is a 10-week Certification of Professional Achievement for students who want an applied introduction to data and computation. Students take courses hosted at the Journalism School, gaining a strong foundation in coding, data, algorithms and visualization.


The Lede Program is open to applicants with a bachelor’s degree, strong academic record and demonstrated interest in data technologies. See How to Apply for application details.


As a certification program at Columbia University, Lede programs cost less than a formal degree. For more information on tuition and scholarship aid opportunities, see our Tuition and Fees page.

Program change and growth

Many potential applicants speak with students from previous years. A lot changes each and every year, so let's outline some of the changes Lede has gone through:

  • The program has become more focused on practical, newsroom-oriented skills
  • A remote option was added for 2021
  • Tuition was lowered to $12,000 and various Columbia fees were removed. Additionally tuition was decreased to $9,500 for the 2021 remote and 2022 hybrid sessions.
  • The duration was shortened from 10 weeks, allowing most international students to attend without a visa

If you'd like to hop into a time machine, you can also see an info session from our 2014 launch year on YouTube.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions by emailing mailto:jrncomputation@columbia.edu, or join our mailing list to be notified when applications open.