Student Work

A collection of pieces by both current and former Lede students.


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A front-page Bloomberg investigative report about “how an obscure legal document turned New York’s court system into a debt-collection machine that’s chewing up small businesses across America.” Data analysis featuring Demetrios Pogkas (Lede 2017).

Read more at at Bloomberg.


An investigation into how German firms hide political contributions, by Gianna Gruen (Lede 2016) .

Read more at at Deutche Welle.

What does the ratio of single men to single women look at in various area of China?

Read more at The Shanghai Observer (mobile recommended)

Interactive map by Shuyao Xiao, Lede 2016


Barnaby Skinner (Lede 2016) and his team scraped and analyzed 30,000 verdicts on asylum seekers appealing their deportation, illustrating the political bias of various Swiss judges.

Read the published piece as a PDF, and see more of Barnaby’s work at and the Tages-Anzeiger Datablog.

A look at the geography of heroin treatment with Suboxone.

Read more at The Huffington Post

Map-based piece by Nicky Forster, Lede 2014

A D3-based, in-progress final project for Lede 24’s Storytelling with Data, by Mercy Benzaquen, Lede 2016

See more on GitHub

A quick look at the shift in American last names due to the growth of Hispanic and Asian Americans.

Read more at Vice

Graphic and analysis by Spe Chen, Lede 2015


Watch the fall of rock and the rise of hip hop in this set of visuals by Rebecca Schuetz, Lede 2016.

One of the weekly projects for Data Studio. The Python code used for accessing, combining, and visualizing the four data sets is available, too.

A look at how NBA teams perform when they lose a superstar.

Piece by Spe Chen, see more at the Palm Beach Post


A longform piece of data journalism, featuring analysis and visualization of 10,000 Craigslist Missed Connections posts.


Personal Project by Lede 2014 graduate Ilia Blinderman

An in-depth, interactive look at Melville’s classic.

Read more at Slate.

By Andrew Kahn, 2014 Lede graduate and Assistant Interactives Editor at Slate. And if reading just isn’t enough, you can also hear him discuss the piece on the Slate Culture Gabfest.

Uninsured map

How the Supreme Court and bitter partisanship over Obamacare are letting Red America slip further behind while Blue America moves forward.

Read more at The Huffington Post.

An interactive data piece from Nicky Forster, a Lede 2014 graduate and HuffPo Data Journalist Fellow.

Uninsured map

An animated interactive of the history of the Atlantic Slave Trade.

Read more at Slate.

An animated data piece from Andrew Kahn, a Lede 2014 graduate and Assistant Interactives Editor at Slate.

Coursework, Homework, and Projects

Data Studio


Data Studio is a Lede 12 summer course that focuses on reproducing a newsroom – projects are quick, rough around the edges, and subject to continual critique. Students are constantly confronted with new and untested data sets, and learn sometimes failure is a viable option. Most projects are completed in about a week.

We spend much of the course exporting graphics from Python, then cleaning them up in Adobe Illustrator. You can see a handful of projects below, or check out all of 2017’s projects or the GitHub repository for 2016 – both feature finished visuals along with code!


Storytelling with Data


Storytelling with Data is a Lede 24 fall course focused on learning D3, a JavaScript data visualization library. Students spend the first half of the course learning the ropes of data visualization, and the second half critiquing projects and building on their abilities.

The samples below are student homework, and are often midway points in learning new concepts – as a result they are not tailored for publication. Please excuse missing axes, clashing colors, or any other missteps!


Data & Databases + Algorithms


Data & Databases and Algorithms are Lede 12 summer courses that center on processing large datasets with the Python programming language. While not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as visualization projects, analysis is the foundation of deeper understanding, providing valuable insights and leads from otherwise disorganized data.



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