Mapping Tools


QGIS is a free software package for OS X, Windows and Linux that can manipulate and geographic information (e.g. shapefiles).


TileMill is a map styling software package from MapBox that allows you to create beautiful maps with ease. Maps are hosted on the (paid) MapBox platform.

MapBox Studio

MapBox Studio (formerly TileMill 2) is MapBox’s brand-new map styling package. It’s set apart from the previous TileMill by its usage of vector tiles, which can speed up data processing and styling tremendously.

Google Fusion Tables

Fusion Tables is a Google product used in newsrooms across American to create quick-hit maps from custom data sets. While they aren’t often as attractive as a MapBox or CartoDB map, the low price point (free!) and ease of use makes them a popular option.


CartoDB is a cloud-based mapping suite that allows you to work your data into attractive custom maps.